Futura Solar
Integrated Solar Roofing System  

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The Sawtooth Solar Daylighter prototypes have proven the functionality of the Futura Solar
system and established baseline performance. This system will handle virtually all of the solar
loading on a building roof - of any size.

integrated solar power


The system prevents internal temperature from rising, maintains internal temperature within a
few degrees of the external ambient air temperature (by drafting warm air from the ceiling
through the roof). This design allows the system to cope with infiltration and internal heat loads,
whether from people or machines.
This system has a short payback period and thus becomes a productive asset. Multiple benefits
reduce that payback period even further:

  • Process air
  • Choice of PV or solar thermal
  • Day lighting
  • Incidental space conditioning
  • Heat recovery
  • Greenhouse gas offsets
  • Emergency energy backup
  • Helping build the green economy

Futura Solar is seeking business affiliations and/or partner support to build a commercial scale
demonstration of its patented integrated solar roofing system. For additional information contact:
Patrick O'Leary (917) 945-8480.

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Patrick O'Leary
(917) 945-8480
email: admin@futurasolar.com